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Elementary School Children(S1-S6)


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    Kiddie develops an environment for children to do reading out loud regularly and this habit will produce significant gains in reading comprehension, vocabulary, and the decoding of words.

    At the age of 6-8

    With Kiddie’s program, you child can discover what's going on in his or her classroom, and use these academic skill-builders to encourage his or her educational development at home or play ground. Help your child deal effectively and overcome with learning and social pressures.

    At the age of 8-10

    Kiddie’s resources can help and keep your child on track and be confident in writing reports,expressing ideas, and reading comprehension throughout the school year. Kiddie encourages your child's development at home with our educational interactive on-line and off-line activities and skill-builders.

    At the age of 10-12

S1 (6-7岁)
S2 (7-8岁)
S3 (8-9岁)
S4 (9-10岁)
S5 (10-11岁)
S6 (11-12岁)


We desire to instill a positive attitude and sense of responsibility and charisma in each and every student. We hope to communicate integrity, courage, tolerance, and perseverance so that our students possess the character necessary to become successful in all of their future endeavors.

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